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Mission Overcomes Boundaries

“Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation.”
Mark 16:15  (NRSV)

God’s love is boundless. Thus God's mission knows no boundaries. Jesus sends his people to the ends of the earth. Mission is always “world mission”. The early church had to overcome inner struggles in order to take first steps beyond the limits of its Jewish roots and then again beyond the borders of the Roman Empire in order to carry the gospel into the whole known world of the time.

In the wake of European expansion a new missionary movement attempted to spread Christianity across the globe - unfortunately often by inappropriate means.
Today there are Christian churches present in most countries of the world. World mission is no longer the task primarily of Europeans or North Americans, but the common task of all churches.

There are still boundaries to be overcome: boundaries between cultures and peoples, between rich and poor, north and south, east and west. This can only be done by common effort. World mission means living in community, with churches from all regions of the world contributing their gifts to help people in need.

This is not a one-way process. Specifically, we in Europe can learn much from the churches in Africa, Asia and Latin America about communicating the gospel anew to the people around us.