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Mission Means Being Sent Out

As the Father has sent me, so I send you.”  
John 20:21  (NRSV)

To be in mission is to be sent out.  Our mission is rooted in Jesus Christ, who was sent by God to bring God’s boundless love into a world of suffering and sin.

From the time God created us, God has been reaching out to us. In the life and ministry of Jesus, God has taken the ultimate steps toward us - so much so that God is with us even in death and has thus overcome our natural separation from God.

Jesus’ mission is carried forth in the mission of his church. As Christians we are called to share this love with others and to bring this love to those who are in greatest need of it.
Mission is not a public-relations effort for a particular ideology, for a particular culture or even for our own church. Mission means a life faithful to the call of Jesus.

Thus everything we do which helps people encounter the love of God is mission - whether in an inviting worship experience or through the loving care of the sick, whether in a call for a renewal of one’s life or through counseling of a person in distress.