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Mission Is Love In Action

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only son.“
John 3:16  (NRSV)

God is love. Love is unconditional commitment to another. Jesus’ offering up of his life even to death on the cross thus stands at the center of his mission. He took upon himself the burden of our guilt and the sting of our death, so that we might be certain that there is nothing which can separate us from the love of God.

But it is not only in his death that Jesus manifests his sacrificial commitment: Everything he did was shaped by it. He found his mission in healing the sick, freeing the dependent, and bringing to the poor the Good News that God is on their side.

Likewise the mission of the church: The church proclaims Jesus’ death and resurrection as God’s salvation for humankind, and the church lives out the love of God toward all who have no hope.

The church pleads with all people in the name of God: "Be reconciled with God!" and works for reconciliation and peace among them.
The church shares the life God gives with others and does all it can to improve the conditions in which people live. The church tells all who doubt the value of their own lives that their lives are precious because God loves them. And the church fights for dignity and justice for every human life from its beginning to its end.